EMCOR Safety Excellence Awards - Individual Safety Award

EMCOR Safety Excellence Award winner Steven Squires posing with his award alongside MSI team membersSteven Squires, a Project Supervisor with EMCOR Services MSI – Mechanical Services, has been recognized with the 2022 EMCOR Group Individual Safety Excellence Award for his leadership in the field and efforts helping transform MSI’s safety program.

While safety management is not Steven’s primary role, throughout the past three years he has grown from being not only a proficient field supervisor, but also being a true safety minded leader. 

Steven consistently comes to MSI’s safety committee meetings, bringing detailed notes about leading indicators he has identified, as well as potential solutions. He approaches the field inspection process as a learning tool for those that report to him, as well as the rest of the safety committee.

On many occasions, he has come to his supervisor to discuss potential safety improvements and ask for help researching relevant standards to ensure his solutions were viable. His corrective actions on multiple issues have helped MSI adjust their processes for the better. 

The team around Steven have come to recognize him as a true safety leader, looking out for their collective best interests. His group has been incredibly consistent in holding formal safety reviews to discuss expectations and processes, helping ensure clear communication and buy-in. 

Steven’s enthusiasm has helped build engagement and support with new safety initiatives across the entirety of MSI’s field teams. This has been instrumental in helping the organization transform their safety program and, ultimately, achieve record setting safety performance in the last year. 

David Goerke, President of MSI, had this to say about Steven, “After 30 plus years in this industry, I would put Steven up against anyone when it comes to safety leadership, culture, compliance, and overall engagement.” 

Steven’s incredible dedication to his work and willingness to go above and beyond to promote safety make him an exemplary candidate for this recognition.